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Your pets are part of your family and you want to make sure they stay healthy and happy. Regular care is important for your pets and if they get sick you want to rely on an experienced animal clinic in Irvine to provide high quality treatment. It is helpful to start taking your pet to the clinic for regular checkups from the time they are young so they get the preventative care they require.

What Services Does the Animal Clinic in Irvine Provide?

Our animal clinic in Irvine offers a number of high quality services including wellness exams, vaccinations, exams for new pets, x-rays and ultrasound, care for sick or injured pets, blood work and diagnostics, surgery, spaying and neutering and more. We care about your pet’s health and well-being and strive to provide the best care possible for all stages of your pet’s life. Our team of experts is here to assist in every way we can to ensure that your pet gets the treatment necessary.

What Diagnostics Are Used at An Animal Clinic?

We use the latest and most advanced diagnostics technology to care for your pet. We utilize digital x-rays, ultrasound, and digital dental x-rays to provide us with the diagnostic details we need without undue stress or discomfort to your pet. The first step in treatment is the proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us what is wrong so we need to rely on our expert knowledge and expertise. Our diagnostic tools help us determine the problem so we can offer the care that will best help your pet.

What Are Pet Wellness Visits?

Pet wellness visits provide comprehensive preventative care for your pet. The goal is to keep your pet healthy and happy and take steps to keep them from developing diseases or conditions. Our pets are important to us and we want to help you ensure that they stay fit and well. We will provide vaccinations, nutritional counseling and early screening for health issues. We will take time to answer your questions and provide you with advice and guidance for pets of all ages.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

As a full service animal clinic in Irvine, we offer a large variety of supplemental services such as dental care and cleanings, microchipping, pet behavior counseling and emergency care. We have a pharmacy on site to provide any pet medications that may be necessary for the treatment of your pet including pain management. We also perform surgical procedures and utilize laser therapy when possible for the least invasive option for your pet.

At Tustin Legacy Animal Hospital we are proud to provide you and your pet with compassionate care that will help him live a long and joyful life. We are here to assist you in every way possible and to answer your questions. We want to help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to spend money on products or services that are unnecessary. Contact us by phone or online to book an appointment for your pet’s visit.

Animal Clinic Irvine

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Animal Clinic Irvine

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