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If you want a treatment for vertigo in Saskatoon, we, at North 49 Physical Therapy, invites you to our center. Through our local business, we intend to improve the health of our community throughout all ages. By making the client an active participant in its own recovery, we can improve the recovery results significantly.

What does vertigo feel like?

Vertigo feels as if you, or your surroundings, are moving or spinning. Usually, this sensation will manifest alongside similar symptoms, such as dizziness, feeling sick, and losing balance. Most occasions, you might not even realize that you are experiencing vertigo; while sometimes, stronger symptoms may prevent you from going about your day as usual.

The vertigo sensation is particularly common in individuals over the age of sixty, but it is possible to experience it regardless of your age. If you ever stood up too fast and felt movement where there was none, that was a vertigo sensation. Usually, after experiencing this feeling, people will subsequently feel nausea and may even vomit.

Vertigo is a feeling, not a disease

One of the most frequent and incorrect assumptions about vertigo is considering it to be a disease, instead of a symptom for something else. Also, most people think that vertigo means being afraid of heights, and that is not the case.

When you have a vertigo, you are experiencing the effects of a vestibular disorder. The cause for that may be a problem within the balance of your inner ear or even tiny rocks on your head. You should seek out treatment for vertigo in Saskatoon, and our clinic is the best option.

How do you stop vertigo?

If you are continually feeling signs of vertigo, you must seek medical attention. However, there are some practices you should adopt if trying to relieve your vertigo symptoms:

  1. Sit on the edge of your bed and turn your head to the side;
  2. Lie down on your right side for thirty seconds;
  3. Quickly move to lie down on the other side of your bed;
  4. Sit and wait a few moments;
  5. Repeat the whole process for the left side of your body.

We can treat vertigo

At our clinic, we offer vestibular therapy as an effective vertigo treatment. With benign paroxysmal positional vertigo being the most common cause for vertigo, and the easiest to treat, we provide several treatment options that will address the cause of the condition. To identify the cause of these symptoms, we have the best physical therapists in the field, since they have specialized training at treating balance and dizziness disorders.

With the use of groundbreaking techniques, such as videonystagmography, we are the best option to treat your vertigo in Saskatoon. Visit North 49 Physical Therapy today and talk to our professionals for more information. If you visit our website, you will get all the information about our treatments and even vertigo explanatory videos.

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