DVM Students

Dr. Singletary and Natalie Singletary feel called to be a light in veterinary medicine both inside Good Dog Veterinary Care but also to future veterinarians. Our profession desperately needs joyful and talented veterinarians who are on fire to serve their future patients, clients, and team members. Our goal in connecting with future veterinarians is to partner with these students and help show them how to be a light to their future communities – whether these students come join our Good Dog Veterinary Care Team or head to a different community!

Veterinary students are the future of the profession, and we deeply desire to guide them on skills that are not always taught in veterinary school: how to lead a team well, how to be on mission at work, and how to lean in to challenging situations in order to grow as a veterinarian.

Good Dog Veterinary Care is thrilled to offer 3rd and 4th-year veterinary students the opportunity to spend an externship or preceptorship with us.

Our goal with our externs is to serve them well while they are spending time with us. We want to partner with our externs to dive into specific areas that they want to grow in before graduation.

How do we bring #thegooddogdifference to our externship opportunities?

The focus of every externship will be critical thinking as it relates to the student’s future DVM career goals. Our externs will be treated as future DVMs instead of as assistants or technicians. We are thrilled to have a strong team in place to support this goal as our talented team of RVTs and Case Managers will be managing the nursing side of the patient’s care while our extern will be focused on partnering with our DVM Team to diagnose, prescribe, and perform surgery.

A typical day for our extern will start with daily team rounds with the mentoring doctor.

After rounds, the extern will either scrub into a surgery or procedure with their mentor or assist in working up cases during exam room appointments. During appointments, we will have the extern and the mentoring doctor both come up with a treatment plan and compare the two to offer guidance in the extern’s critical thinking diagnostic skills. Our externs will also have the ability to hone their dental skills including full mouth radiographs and oral surgery. A strong emphasis on client communication will be emphasized throughout the externship program.

Interested in learning more about our externship opportunities?

Email careers@gooddogveterinarycare.com for more information.

We cannot wait to hear more about your journey in veterinary medicine, your goals for your externship experience, and how we can partner with you to ensure a meaningful externship experience..

Kat, UGA CVM Class of 2026

Meredith, UGA CVM Class of 2026

New Graduate Pathway to Success


What is mentorship in veterinary medicine? Mentorship is a commitment to partnering with our veterinarians to encourage professional growth in a supportive environment. Mentorship at Good Dog Veterinary Care for a first year veterinary student looks like daily check ins (sometimes hourly!) as we provide a clear pathway for success. We understand and celebrate that veterinary medicine is a lifelong learning journey, and we foster a collaborative environment where new milestones are celebrated. We understand that surgical skills are honed through great mentorship, and we strive to be a practice where growth is celebrated. We provide a clear road map to success for the DVMs first year with us. Questions about first year expectations or mentorship opportunities? We cannot wait to share more! Email careers@gooddogveterinarycare.com to connect.

Veterinary School Visits

There is nothing – nothing! – that lights us up quite like connecting with DVM students. We love hearing veterinary students’ passion for veterinary medicine. More than anything, Dr. Singletary and Natalie feel called to be a light to future DVMs. If you would be interested in having us come speak at your club meeting or give a presentation, please email careers@gooddogveterinarycare.com to share more information.