Wellness Membership Plans

Wellness memberships allow owners to provide comprehensive preventative care for their beloved family members, while breaking up the cost over 12 months in easy monthly payments. In a traditional sense, owners have had to pick and choose what they can do for their animals because the upfront cost is significant. There is no reason to sacrifice the level of care you choose for your “Good Dog” based on price alone.

wellness plan-puppy plan

Bringing home a puppy is an exciting time and an overwhelming venture. There is a lot to consider when starting the care for a puppy, and we are here to help. Puppy care is pivotal to begin veterinary care on the right track. With our Puppy Membership Plan, we are with you every step of the way from the first wellness visit to the very first annual visit as an adult. Everything that you will need for your “Good Dog” is included while spreading out the cost over the entire first year!

wellness plan- adult plan

You are entering the healthiest phase of your dog’s life. A dog age 1-6 is considered an adult. While most dogs during this phase have few issues, prevention is paramount to keeping dogs safe their whole life. Vaccines, dental care, parasite preventatives, and bloodwork screening are included in your plan. This will give us and you all the information you need to be the best dog owner you can be. Your dog can keep living his/her “Good Dog” life!

wellness plan- senior plan

Seniors are any dogs above the age of 7. Dogs age faster than humans, and their care is important to plan for. 1 in 5 dogs at the age of 7-10 will have something abnormal on their bloodwork, and this number increases to 2 in 5 dogs greater than 11 years. We want to partner with you in doing everything we can to stop disease and slow its progression. Complete lab-work and imaging (x-rays) studies allow us to stay on top of the aging process. We want your “Good Dog” to live a long and healthy life just like you do!