We’re Hiring!

We are experiencing rapid growth, and we have several positions to fill.

We are so thankful to our entire Good Dog Veterinary Care family for the exponential growth we have experienced, and we are incredibly excited to share that we are looking to continue growing our incomparable team in order to continue serving our patients and their families! We are now hiring for the following positions: Associate Veterinarian, Registered Veterinary Technician, Veterinarian Assistant, Experienced Receptionist, and Kennel Technician

Now Hiring: Good Dog Veterinary Care is a young, rapidly growing practice with numerous opportunities for career growth and advancement. We are the first and only “dog-only” practice in the state of Georgia with state-of-the-art equipment including X-ray, ultrasound, dental X-ray, and in-house laboratory equipment. Our mission is to serve people and their dogs in a serving manner in order to enrich all lives. Our team members are respectful, responsible, resourceful, and relentless in pursuing this mission.

We are looking for team members whose passion for serving people and their dogs fuels them to work long hours while remaining focused in high-stress situations. A typical day at Good Dog Veterinary Care involves lots of loving on dogs with many unexpected twists and turns throughout the day. We are a full-service veterinary hospital which means every day is slightly different in terms of seeing emergency cases while simultaneously seeing wellness appointments. Can you remain focused in high-stress situations with a symphony of barking in the background? Are you excited by the unexpected in such a way that you would not hesitate to take on a challenging case or surgery late in the day? Are you willing to give up your Saturdays after already having worked a long week? Can you sincerely call yourself a team player, even in the midst of chaos? We’re looking for the problem-solvers, the optimistic, the empathetic, the challenge-takers, someone fearless and loving with dogs ranging from 10 to 150+ pounds.

If you can check all these boxes, you might just be the right fit for our team! Give us a call at (770) 450-4555, or email us at to place your application today.